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How Safe is

San Francisco

Since 2018, the City of San Francisco has been working to improve the safety of its neighborhoods. This project visualizes the data that the City has collected over the past year to show how the safety of neighborhoods has changed.

When analyzing the safety of San Francisco neighborhoods, it's clear that some areas experience significantly higher crime rates than others. For instance, the Mission neighborhood tops the list with a staggering 85,671 incidents, closely followed by Tenderloin. On average, the most dangerous neighborhoods are 6 times more prone to crime than the average.

An incident is defined as a reported crime that occurs in a neighborhood. This includes crimes such as Larceny Theft, Malicious Mischief, Assault, Burglary, Motor Vehicle Theft, Fraud, Lost Property, Warrant, Drug Offense, Robbery, Missing Person and more.

Friday the 13th?

Oddly, Fridays see the highest number of incidents at 130,389 while Sundays have the least with 111,734 incidents.

January: Crime's Favorite Month

The month of January records the highest number of incidents at 79,137 while November has the fewest with 65,721 incidents.

Watch Your Step

Analyzing the intersections of where the most incidents occured is a great way to get a sense of the neighborhoods that are most dangerous. The average number of incidents per intersection is 106 meaning that the most dangerous intersection, Market/Powell, is 45 times more dangerous than the average.

How Safe is SF?

Below, is a Choropleth Map of the most dangerous neighborhoods in San Francisco. The map shows the number of incidents in each neighborhood, with the color representing the number of incidents.

An important insight from this is that, although Mission has the most reported incidents, it is also the largest and most densely populated neighborhood in San Francisco.

Neighborhood Choropleth Map

We notice this more when analyzing the heatmap of incidents. Incidents across Mission are much more spread out than incidents across Tenderloin. Therefore, it's unfair to say that the neighborhoods are equally dangerous.

Neighborhood Heatmap


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